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Punch Itz - Tear Drop 5/16"

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For nail technicians who need a creative outlet but cant mater the art of hand painting or air brushing.
This New, easy to use product is the answer you’ve been looking for.
Hole punching extensions can give you precise effects that are both creative and fun.
Punch Itz come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and best of all you can incorporate more then one design onto each nail or if you prefer all ten nails!
Add a little flair and bring in a bit of a shimmer to your design by adding glitter, or make the design more dynamic by fading the cutouts with colors and shadows.
The design possibilities the Punch Itz have to offer are endless, so be creative use your imagination and let your Nail Art Designs roam free!

Punching The Tip ( Step 1-5 )

Size tips on client's nails. Choose a flexible tip. Tips without adequate flexibility may crack when punching holes, so practice with various tips and find the one that is right for you.
Decide on a design with your client. Here are some questions to consider: One or many holes? Placement of the holes? Does the client want the punched hole filled or left open? And if filled, do they want it filled with color, glitter, clear, etc? There are so many options, so be imaginative and your client will be amazed with the resulting creative nail art. If you are punching the tip, punch the holes before applying the tip to your client. This will give you more ease and access when punching the tip. *Also keep in mind, as you are punching the hole, the tip will flatten a little. So keep a firm grasp on your Punch Itz so that you don't lose the place where you want to punch the hole. As you apply pressure to the tip with the Punch Itz, if you feel that you are losing the positioning of the hole, stop and reposition it. If the tip does not come out as you or your client likes, then try again. The more you try, the better you will become at using the Punch Itz.
Apply the tips as you would regularly.
Place a paper nail form (sticky side up) on the underside of the tip. The sticky side being up will help you fill in the punched hole with your colored mixture. The sticky side will stick firmly to the tip so that the colored mixture does not seep out.
Fill the punched area of the tip with small amounts of your colored mixture.

To produce colored punched out designs :
you can either punch different colors tips and use the punched out pieces.

Create Design on your own with acrylic colors ( Step 1-7 )
Prepare 3 different dappen dishes. Fill one with acetone and the rest with liquid monomer. One monomer will be used to clean your brush, and the other will be used for application.
Use a separate brush for each color in order to prevent mixing colors. A smaller brush or one with a perfect point will help with precision and accuracy. Dip your brush into the acetone, wipe it against the dish. Then dip your brush into the monomer. At this point your brush will be soaked in half acetone and half monomer, gently remove excess liquid and dip brush into the powder you wish to use. Put the ball on a flat paper nail form or foil and press down on it until it is very thing. Don't wipe the brush in a an outward motion. Just press down and the extra liquid from the brush will make the mixture thinner.
Allow mixture to dry. Punch the product with the desired shape and gently remove the punched out shape. This is your own punched out design.
Carefully pick up the punched out shape and place it on the nail plate. Let dry.
Wait for product to dry and then remove nail form. If product did seep between the nail form and tip, use your file to even it with the underside of the tip. If there are any scratches on the tip, wet a clean-up brush with a little bit of acetone and brush away the scratches. To add strength and to secure your design, coat the underside of the tip with a resin-based adhesive (Nail Glue, Resin).
Apply a layer or layers of clear acrylic or gel as you would regularly. You can produce a single layer of designs or multiple layers. To create multiple layers of design, place a thin layer of clear acrylic or gel between two or three punched out shapes. Whether you want one layer or many, make sure your design is completely dry or cured before proceeding to the next layer of design.
You may want to keep filing because the gel or acrylic will be thick because of your designs, but do not file too much or you might file into your design and ruin it. You can even add a little flair by incorporating glitter.
Use the Punch-Itz to create your own stencils

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