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YELLO-OUT Crystal Clear Acrylic Top Coat 2.5oz.

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Takes the yellow out of nails. Natural nail whitener & strengthener. Makes yellow nails grow white.** Not to use as a top coat over colored nail polish**
Use regularly as a Top Coat to:
-Take the yellow out of natural nails.
-Whiten & strengthen natural nails.
-Keep acrylic nails white.
-Prevent yellowing from nicotine stains & tanning beds.
-Make yellow nails grow white.
Use as a Top Coat over clear polish to:
-Give natural and acrylic nails a clear & brilliant look.
-Prevent French manicure from turning yellow.
Use as a Base Coat to:
-Prevent colored nail polish from changing color.
-Prevent natural nails from turning yellow from repeated use of colored nail polish.

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