UV Germicidal Bulb 6 Watt

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6 Watt. Model #F6T5 GL
Germicidal lamps are clear with special UV transmitting glass. For use in sterilizers and air and water purifiers. This is an ultraviolet C (253.7 nm wavelength) bulb for use in sterilization, water and air purification and surface disinfection. Fixed wavelength spectrophotometer detector. Germicidal lamps allow 253.7nm UV-C radiation from the mercury discharge to pass through the glass thus penetrating and inactivating the DNA of most micro-organisms.
Energy Used: 6 watts
Bulb Type: T8
Base Type: Miniature Bi-Pin (G5)
Color / Finish: Clear
Overall Length: 9" (228mm)
Diameter: 0.62" (15.72 mm) Diameter.
Alternate Part Numbers:
G6T5/G, Ultraviolet Germicidal, AU/LG06T5, TUV6T5, FG6T5, Sterilamp®, GE 15873, Sankyo Denki, Galaxy GXG6T5, LUMINCO LMG6T5DC, Sunlite, F 6W GL, F6WGL, S6WGL, UVC, G6T5/G, 2W6S15W-2135, 244855, OPP-UV6W, No. 60081 IEC 1030, 3000015, TUV/6W/2P, GRM-0060, Ultraviolet, Hot Cathode, 41302, HYBEC, Westinghouse, 37010, G6T5/6W, 11-054, LS06, BLE 6254-S Spectronics, Sankyo Denki, Ultra-Violet, 99-UV064, TMC Pond UV Lamps, 683066, Sylvania Ultraviolet G6W

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