USN FILE - Jumbo Black 80/80 Grit 50/Pack

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USN FILE - Jumbo Black

  • Grit: 80/80 | Very coarse, use this on artificial or acrylic nail extensions
  • Thick: 0.15" (3.8mm)
  • Wide: 1.25” (31.75mm) 
  • Length: 7"(178mm)
  • Pack Contain: 50 Files/Pack


The grit is a nail file’s surface. It tells you how fine or coarse the file is and how rough it will feel on your nails. The lower the grit, the coarser the file is, and the higher the grit the smoother the nail file’s surface is.

Here is a quick summary of the grit levels:

  •  80 grit:  This is very coarse (rough) file and should never be used on natural nails. Some might use this on artificial or acrylic nail extensions but extra care must be considered when using it. It may also be still a little rough even for artificial nails.
  • 100 grit:  This grit is still a coarse file but can safely be used only on artificial nails.
  • 180 grit:  This is the lowest grit level and should be used on natural nails. However, if you have broken or damaged nails (or even nails that are prone to breakage), you need to use a file with a finer grit.
  • 240 grit:  A file with this grit level is often used to buff the nails to a smooth finish or to buff away stains/discolorations, small bumps, and to shape the free edges of the natural nails.


  • Our line of professional cushion files are made with the finest quality material to achieve the best results in shaping and contouring of natural and acrylic nails.
  • These nail files are available in different shapes and sizes for all manicure and pedicure services: standard, banana, tapered and x-wide.
  • We also offer sanitizable and reusable nail files in a variety of grit combinations
  • With top quality material. They are completely water resistant and won’t swell, shred or peel apart.
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