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SNS BASICS 2 IN 1, Dipping and Acrylic Powder


  • Net Weight: 43g | 1.5oZ


SNS invented dipping and acrylic powders to give women beautiful AND healthy nails. Today, we lead the industry with the world’s finest dipping & acrylic powder products.

The concept of dipping and acrylic powders are simple. You can applying liquid colors to the nail or an adhesive base which is dipped in fine colored powder. The nail is then sealed with a special top coat. There are multiple advantages:

  • HEALTHY - SNS bases are formulated to build the health and strength of the natural nail.
  • MORE COLORS - With its dipping and acrylic powders, SNS offers over 150 colors—a wider range than any other major brand. 
  • ODORLESS - There's virtually no odor, and that's a huge change in the salon environment.
  • FAST - Drying is instant—no UV light is required.
  • FLEXIBLE & STRONG - The resulting nail is both flexible and strong, so it combines the best of both acrylics and gels.
  • LASTING - The treated nails last 14 days or more in real-life everyday use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - The nail feels light and natural, yet it's strong enough to use for those demanding chores.
  • STAINLESS - The nail doesn't stain. That's a big deal for hair colorists and others who work with dyes.
Procedure for applying 2 in 1 dipping
  •  Step 1: Prep all 10 nails
  •  Step 2: Apply 1 coat of Gel base to 3/4 of the nail only. Dip into natural set powder (natural set provides extra strength and durability) Repeat on all 10 nails
  •  Step 3: Apply 1 coat of Gelous base.  Dip into gelous powder. Repeat on all 10 nails.
  •  Step 4: Repeat step 3
  •  Step 5: Apply 1 more coat of Gelous base. Dip into Natural set SHEER
  •  *After dipping 1 hand I like to apply sealer to this hand before dipping the second hand - it allows more drying time for the next step.
  •  Natural set sheer is your final coat which will protect your colour before the buffing stage.
  •  Step 6: Apply Sealer over entire nail.
  •  Step 7: Shape nails, file surface to smooth out any bumps.
  •  Step 8: Block buff to smooth out the nail surface.
  •  Step 9: Wash hands.
  •  Step 10: Ensure nails are completely dry. Remove any traces of moisture with a lint-free square.
  •  Step 11: Apply Sealer over entire nail on all 10 nails.
  •  Step 12: Apply two thin coats of Top gel Wait 1- 2 minutes to dry completely.

Procedure for applying 2 in 1 with acrylic with liquid monomer

1 - Apply the tips. Find the right size tips for your nail. If the tip doesn't fit your nail perfectly, file it down to size. A little too small can often looks better than a little too big. Place a dab of glue on the tip from side to side and apply it to your natural nail so that the bottom edge of the acrylic tip is centered halfway down the surface of your nail. Hold it in place for five seconds to allow the glue to dry.[4] Do that on all 10 nails, then cut the nails to preferred length.

2 - Get the acrylic materials ready. Pour the liquid acrylic into the acrylic dish, and pour some powder into a separate dish. Acrylic is a strong chemical that produces fumes that can be toxic, so make sure you're working in a well-ventilated area

  • Load the acrylic brush with acrylic. Dip the brush into the acrylic dish.
  • Push it all the way down and make sure all the bubbles goes away.
  • Then brush it against the side of the bowl to remove excess liquid. Run the brush through the acrylic powder so that a small, moist ball collects on the end of the brush.
  • You may have to practice a few times to achieve the correct ratio of liquid to powdered acrylic. The small ball of acrylic mixture should be moist and spreadable, but not too wet. The acrylic should stray on the brush, not drip off of the brush.
  • Have paper towels handy in case you need to brush off extra moisture and to wipe the brush between strokes so the acrylic doesn't stick to the brush.

3 - Apply the acrylic mixture to your nails. Start at the "smile line" - the bottom edge of the acrylic tip. Flatten the acrylic ball over the line and brush it down to the tip. Spread it quickly and smoothly so that the transition between your natural nail and the acrylic tip is smooth. Take a second ball of acrylic and place it near your cuticle, but not too close. With small circular movements, try to get the acrylic closer to the cuticle, without touching it, and then brush the acrylic down to make a smooth transition. Repeat the procedure with all ten nails.
Remember to wipe your brush on a paper towel between every stroke. When you get a hang of it you won't need to do it as often. This is so the acrylic won't stick to your brush. If i'ts still on the brush you could dip the brush in the liquid while the acrylic is still wet on the brush, and then wipe it off again.

  •       To avoid lumps in the acrylic, be sure to use small single strokes in the same direction
  •       Less is more! If you have too much acrylic on your nails, you'll have to file for what feels like an eternity. Working with small beads is easier in the beginning.
  •       If you apply the acrylic correctly, there should be a gentle curve, rather than a harsh line, where the acrylic tip meets your natural nail. You may need to use more than one ball of acrylic per nail to achieve this.
  •       Don't apply the acrylic to your cuticles. It should start a few millimeters above your cuticle so that it adheres to your nail, not your skin.

4 - Let the acrylic dry. It should only take about ten minutes before the acrylic is completely set. Test it by tapping the surface of your nail with the handle of your acrylic brush. If it makes a clicking sound, it's ready for the next step.

5 - Shape the tips. Now that the acrylic has set, use a coarse nail file (180 grit for example) to shape the tips and file them to the length you want. Use a buffer to buff the surface of the nails, the 240 grit file takes away the scratches from the 180 grit file. Finish with an 1000 grit and after that the 4000 grit for the extra shine. With the 4000 it can be as shiny as a top coat if done correctly![6]

6 - Remember use a small brush to dust off the excess nail dust made by the drill, so that it doesn't mix with the clear gel top.


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