NAIL CHARM RESIN Fimo Slices Halloween 12 Designs/Case

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NAIL CHARM RESIN Fimo Slices Halloween 12 Designs/Case


  • Quantity: 12 Designs/Case
  • Color: mixed assorted 


  • A FIMO cane is basically a cane made of FIMO modelling clay, which consists of a variety of different colors. The colors contained within the cane can be constructed in such a way, that a two-dimensional pattern can be seen in it, wherever you decide to cut into it.
  • Adding Fimo Canes to nails allows you to easily add fun, intricate designs without meticulous brush strokes – and they come in a limitless variety of styles and colors (hearts, flowers, fruit, snowmen)! While some come pre-sliced, it can be helpful to cut your own so you may select a thickness that works best for you.


  1. Prep nails as usual for enhancements. Begin building the nail, but make sure that you keep the enhancement very thin.
  2. Pick up a fimo slice. There are a couple of ways to do this: You can use tweezers to place it on the nail, or you can use a small amount of product on your brush to pick up the slice and place it onto the nail. Press the slice onto the nail with the tip of the tweezers or just flip your brush around and press down the slice with the tip of your brush handle. If you’re using gel, be sure to place the slices into uncured gel, and then cure the products. Don’t use the gel inhibition layer to adhere the slices. Also, with slices that are partially translucent, you should first wet the slice with monomer, and then lay it into the product – otherwise it may appear lifted if air is trapped between the slice and the product. You can also use this trick to soften up the slices for easier manipulation.?
  3. Completely encase the slices with product. Shape and file the nails, but try not to file through your design. If some clay slices are sticking up a little, it’s okay to file off the edges that are sticking up. This will happen sometimes with thicker slices.
  4. Apply finishing gel or top coat. Massage oil into the cuticles.

Color Accuracy

  • We have made every effort to make the colors on screen as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact color match of the on screen color to the colors of the actual products and the color appearing on screen should not be relied on as being such.
  • Colors on screen may vary depending on your screen settings and resolution.
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