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Indoor LED Signs are high quality LED signs with years of reliable operation. These 2-in-1 LED signs feature both dynamic (flashing) and static (non-flashing) mode of display with a push of a rocker switch. Comparing to conventional neon signs, these LED signs are much more superior in many aspects which include effectiveness, durability, energy efficience, safety, and maintenance.

Super bright, wide viewing angle LED bulbs provide strikingly visual impact and draw customers’ attention.
Very long life up to 100,000 hours of usage
suitable for round-a-clock advertising.
Low power consumption with only 10 watts of power.
Low voltage (12-24V) shattered proof and light weight housing.
Major maintenance is nothing more than cleaning dust on the housing.
Solid construction of the LED sign withstand against damage and breakage during shipment.
Built-in steel chain hanger.
One year limited warranty.

Illuminating Source Super bright, wide viewing angle 5mm LED bulbs with up to 100,000 hours. LED colors vary according to models
Electrical Power transformer: 100 or 240 VAC/50-60hz,12VDC/2A
Power consumption: ~10W (depending on model)
On/Off Pull-Chain Switch
Toggle switch for selection of flashing or non-flashing mode
Material Impact-resistant polycarbonate or polystyrene thermoformed or injection-molded housing
Weight 3.5-7.0 lbs depends on model
Dimension Size A: 290x690x25mm (11x27x1 in)
NOTE: The affixed letter on model number denotes size.

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