Cuccio - Pedicure File Stainless Steel

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Cuccio Pedicure File Stainless Steel 100% Sanitizable
Individual Disposable Abrasives
Ergonomic Handle


  • Disposable water resistant, pedicure abrasive paper: 180 grit (white) 80 grit (black).
  • Ergonomic handle provides firm grip and leverage while filing.
  • Unbreakable metal handle sanitizes easily and completely and can also be sterilized in an autoclave.
  • By using a new abrasive with each service, you're giving your client peace of mind and building client loyalty through sanitation.
  • Superior sanitation insures client safety.

1. Pull backing off of your abrasive of choice and attach to clean, sanitized and dry foot file base. Be sure to apply the tab area without adhesive to the end near the handle for easy removal.
2. After use, pull tab to release abrasive and dispose. If needed, clean off any adhesive residue with acetone and then sanitize metal foot file with hospital grade sanitizer. Use caution when filing around cracked skin.

Box contains:
15 Sheets - 180 Grit Medium (White)
15 Sheets - 80 Grit Coarse (Black)
1 - Stainless Steel Ergonomic Handle

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