CRE8TION Dip Powder Mood Color #C26 1oz.*

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CRE8TION - Dip Powder Mood Color 1oz

Cre8tion Mood Changing Dip Powder changes color based on your body temperature. Go ahead... Give 'em a hint!


  • Shade:
  • Net Weight: 1.0 oz. | 29 gram


  • Works great with Cre8tion Dipping Essentials for easy adhesion, quick drying, and glossy finishes.


  1. 1.      Pre-Cleaning
  • Clean and sanitize hands for a the best results from the dip powder application.
  • Use a fine grit nail file to remove the shine from the nails.
  • Remove any old products or dirt
  1. 2.      Prep
  • Apply a Prep Solution like Cre8tion Step 1 Prep to the nails.
  • This cleanses any leftover oil and dust
  1. 3.      Base / Glue Layer
  • Apply the base / glue coat Cre8tion Step 2 Dip Base solution to the nails.
  • Use a thin layer to create a strong bond with your nails and the dip powder
  1. 4.      Dip Color
  • Dip the nail completely into the color powder. Cre8tion has different dip colors and effects to choose from.
  • Cre8tion Dip Powder/ Night Glow/ Solar Effect: Dip nails in Cre8tion Dip Powder and tap off the excess powder.
  • Cre8tion Ombre: Using a Oval Brush, like Cre8tion - Gel Brush Oval Tip 10, tap Cre8tion Ombre Dip Powder Color B on the bottom half of the nail then tap Cre8tion Ombre Dip Powder Color A on the top half. Let them gradually meet up in the middle to create the ombre effect.
  • French Style Nail Design: Dip whole nail in Cre8tion Dip Powder Pink and repeat Base step( Cre8tion Step 2 Dip Base). Pour Cre8tion Dip Powder White in Cre8tion French Dip container. Dip just the tip of the nail into the white powder to create the smile line, and tap off any excess powder. Dip the whole nail into the pink powder again and tap off the excess powder.
  • Remove from color powder and shake or dust off any excess powder that does not adhere to the base.
  1. 5.      Activator
  • Apply an activator liquid like Cre8tion Step 3 Activator to the accelerate the bond and seal the layer of powder.
  • Allow some time to dry, then file and buff nails as needed to smooth any inconsistencies.
  • Use a dust brush like Cre8tion Dust Brush to gently swipe away any excess powder from cuticle area.
  • Pro Tip: Be sure to keep your activator brush away from the base / glue liquid as they will dry and adhere together. It is recommended to clean brushes on a paper towel or brush cleanser to ensure there is no contamination of liquids.
  1. 6.      Base / Dip / Activator - Again
  • Optional - To repeat again for more color. Allowing to air dry 45-60 seconds between each step.
  • 1 layer for sheer coverage, 2 recommended for full coverage, 3 for even bolder color coverage.
  • Clean brushes after each use.
  1. 7.      Glossy Finish
  • Apply the Cre8tion Step 4 Dip Top.
  • To reduce stiffness. wipe brush onto a piece of paper after every nail application.
  • For even more gloss, apply another later of Cre8tion Step 4 Dip Top if desired.
  1. 8.      Moisturize
  • Optional - but recommended
  • Allow nails to dry completely and apply Cuticle Oil around the finger tips to nourish the nails.

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