Round Shape Rhinestones

Round Shape Rhinestones

Flat back Rhinestones....SWAROVSKI Austrian Crystal Rhinestones. For Nail art design. These are the best quality available. Genuine lead crystal from Austria, cut and polished to produce stones with high reflectiveness and vibrant colors. Size #5s are the most popular for finger nail decorations. Each rhinestone is flat on the back and may be attached with wet nail polish, clear top coat, wet gel or glue to nail bed.


1-  Polish nail and let tacky dry

2-  Using tweezers, orange wood stick or tack-it pick it, place rhinestone on nail and gently press onto tacky polish. Continue doing until design is complete.

3-  Apply top coat over design, a second or third coat may be applied if needed to cover nail design. Let each layer dry slightly before applying the next.

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