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SNS SenShine - Sealer Dry #3

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Dip Liquid #3 

Increase the nail’s shine with this liquid that will also help harden the nail.

Size: 0.5oz. / 15ml.


Sensitive skin but still want dip?? That's no problem with SNS's SenShine line. Made for those who have sensitive skin, SenShine has less odor and is easier on the eyes and skin. 

When we think of dipping powders, we naturally think of the powders themselves.  But for SNS, half the magic lies in the bases and sealers that make dipping powders possible.  It was the revolution in bases and sealers that enabled SNS to create products that are good for the natural nail, instead of doing harm.  Now SNS is once again pushing the boundaries of nail health and beauty.  With SenShine,™ you have a complete system of bases and sealers exclusively designed for people with highly sensitive skin and eyes.  Of course, that’s good news for sensitive nail technicians, too.  The SenShine™ story is as simple as ABC… Even Healthier Ingredients, Even Less Odor, and Even Easier on the Skin & Eyes


 Step 1: Prep all 10 nails - see previous post for my Prep method

 Step 2: Apply 1 coat of Gel base to 3/4 of the nail only. Dip into natural set powder (natural set provides extra strength and durability) Repeat on all 10 nails

 Step 3: Apply 1 coat of Gelous base.  Dip into gelous powder. Repeat on all 10 nails.

 Step 4: Repeat step 3

 Step 5: Apply 1 more coat of Gelous base. Dip into Natural set SHEER

 *After dipping 1 hand I like to apply sealer to this hand before dipping the second hand - it allows more drying time for the next step.

 Natural set sheer is your final coat which will protect your colour before the buffing stage.

 Step 6: Apply Sealer over entire nail.

 Step 7: Shape nails, file surface to smooth out any bumps.

 Step 8: Block buff to smooth out the nail surface.

 Step 9: Wash hands.

 Step 10: Ensure nails are completely dry - remove any traces of moisture with a lint free square.

 Step 11: Apply Sealer over entire nail on all 10 nails.

 Step 12: Apply two thin coats of Top gel Wait 1- 2 minutes to dry completely.


The picture on the website were designed to come as close to the product picture as possible. Because the product come in different batch, we can’t guarantee an exact picture match. 

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