SNS Dip Powder - Student Kit 4

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The SNS Student Kit Upgrade 4 includes everything that a well-established nail salon needs to create easy and beautiful French Manicure Sets. This is the perfect choice for your salon when wanting to try out this great product. Student Kit Upgrade 4 comes with 4 powders, 7 gels.

4 Powders
- Natural Set 2oz
- Natural Pink 2oz
- French White 2oz
Natural Fill 2oz

7 Gels
- Gel Base 0.5oz
- Brush Saver 0.5oz
- Sealer Dry 0.5oz
- Brush on Glue 0.5oz
- Gelous Base 0.5oz
- Gel Top 0.5oz
- Vitamin Oil 0.5oz

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