SANDIND BAND- Brown Medium 150 Grit 100/Pk.

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Milken Sanding Band |  Brown | Medium

For general purpose sanding with moderate surface removal rate.
Each box contains 100 bands of Milken Dark Brown 630 grade.

Abrasive: Aluminum Oxide
Color: Dark Brown (Milken Grade: 630)
Dimension: 1/2"L x 1/4"ID
Grit: 150 (Medium)

Milken Sanding Band
From industrial to cosmetic applications, Milken has been a trusted name for surface treatment. Milken Sanding band is a versatile tool for general sanding, grinding, shaping, and finishing. It can be used for sanding inside, outside, corner of both flat and curve surfaces. It works well on acrylic nails, wood, fiberglass, plastics, rubber, and metal rust.

Fabricated from high quality aluminum oxide abrasive cloth, Milken sanding band comes with exact size for easy change or replacement on standard 1/4" shaft mandrel. Three popular grits of 80, 150, and 240 are selected for nail applications which cover from aggressive filing for faster acrylic removal to smoothing of nail surface.

If quality stands on top of your preference, then the very competitive price of Milken sanding band is definitely a bonus to your choice.

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