Retractableemium Facial/Dust Brush /Silver /Medium Pr

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Luxurious Dust Brush: Upgrading your service with this luxurious tool for quick cleaning of dust and acrylic residues from nails, equipment, or table. This brush is constructed with high quality synthetic hair which gives a soft and smooth feeling on skin contact. It's a top quality and really good value, given its low price.
Premium Facial Brush: Being extra gentle on delicate face skin, this super-soft synthetic hair brush can be used as a fine facial brush. The hair is made from soft, animal hair-free taklon bristles. Taklon is a synthetic polyester derivative fiber that is soft, smooth and allergy-free. Flexible, round-shaped head is suitable for applying and blending powder.
Brush hair is housed inside a smooth aluminum body. Twisting the handle protrudes the hair out or retracts the hair back into the housing. Removable cap protects brush hairs. It is perfect companion on the go, being small enough to fit into your purse or cosmetic bag.

5" overall height
1.5" diameter aluminum tube
Silver anodized aluminum housing
Ultra soft and smooth synthetic hair
Can use as a facial brush or a luxurious dust brush

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