ORLY-LED Lamp 100-240V

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  • ORLY-LED Lamp 100-240V
  • ORLY-LED Lamp 100-240V
  • ORLY-LED Lamp 100-240V
  • ORLY-LED Lamp 100-240V


Cure your gel manicure in seconds with this energy efficient, compact LED Lamp from ORLY. Bring cutting-edge salon technology to your home and cure your smartGELS? in seconds, leaving your nails instantly dry.
Features an automatic timer, compact design, and also includes an AC adapter.
How To use:
1. Place lamp on a flat surface, plug into electrical outlet and turn power switch ON.
2. Align nails in lamp and start automatic timer. When curing light or sheer shades, remove your hand once the lamp chirps at the 30 second mark. For darker shades, cure nails for the entire minute until the lamp shuts off.
3. Cure first four fingers, then thumb separately.
4. Remove fingers when LED light turns off.
5. Turn off power and unplug when manicure is complete.
Measurements: 4.72" long x 3.74" wide x 3" deep.
Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz   0.35A
Output: 12.0V = 1000mA



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