LIQUID CHROME Rose Gold 2g #TR06

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LIQUID CHROME Rose Gold 2g #TR06

If you love the latest nail trends, like we do, then you are in luck!


  • Net Weight: 2g | 0.08oz.


  • LIQUID CHROME Compared to normal one, is an advanced version of the original Chrome powder.
  • Our LIQUID CHROME Bottle comes with a brush head for more convenient use, capacity is larger than the ordinary magic mirror powder.
  • Opening LIQUID CHROME is worry free, no powder flying everywhere, and it it won't spill all over your bag any more.
  • LIQUID CHROME pigment can be used for acrylic nails, UV gel nails, and natural nails.
  • APPLICATION ON DIFFFERENT BASE COLORS WILL HAVE DIFFERENT EFFECTS. You can use it to make various styles of nail art.


  1. Paint A Base coat and cure for 30s
  2. Paint a line of the LIQUID CHROME onto the nail
  3. Then rub it consistently and softly until the chrome is even
  4. Clean the excess around the cuticle with alcohol
  5. Finally, paint the top coat, and cure.


  • The colors on the website were designed to come as close to the true color of the polish as possible. Because of monitor settings, we can’t guarantee an exact color match.
  • These colors are made to be a representation of the true color.
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