Nail Polish Corrector Pen W/3 Refill Tips

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Help to retouch polish nails quickly and easily. Pen-style tip saturated with polish remover brushes off excess nail polish without damaging manicure.
Replaceable Tip
To replace tip, hold pen upright. Pull out used tip and push in new one.
Allow one minute for tip to saturate polish remover. For long lasting, clean tip and close cap tightly after each use.

Polish Remover Refill
Hold the end cap tightly and pull out. Use a tweezer to pull the absorbent tube out. Saturate absorbent tube with polish remover. Place the tube back into pen close and cap.

Caution !!
Flammable liquid. Avoid heat and spark. Keep away from children.
High Capacity 0.18 fl. oz


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