Hot Stone Massage 45PCs

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Hot Stone Massage 45PCs

Our stones come in sets of 36.
Each set is organized in a beautiful bamboo case. These are natural basalt stones that have been hand ground to a uniform shape and then polished to a smooth finish. Not only are these stones more ergonomic but they are also less abrasive to the skin than unfinished stones and therefore safer and less likely to scratch your customers. They have the same het holding capacity of natural stones but are easier to clean and have fewer crevices to carry harmful pathogens.
Set included: Real Basalt Stones
 1 - Super Big stone (sacrum, solar plexus)
  8 - Big Stone (Back, Leg)
12 - Middle stone (hands, arms)
12 - Small Stones ( forehead, neck, face )
  2 - Trigger Point
10 - Toes