Fuji D-218 High Frequency Facial Machine

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  • Fuji D-218 High Frequency Facial Machine
  • Fuji D-218 High Frequency Facial Machine
  • Fuji D-218 High Frequency Facial Machine
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Fuji D-218 High Frequency Facial Machine

Voltage: 110V(USA & Canada)
Size: 10" x 9" x 4"
Treatment Area: Face, Body

1. Main Unit X 1
2. Galvanic Wands X 2
3. Galvanic Tips X 2
4. Full detailed English manual/instructions X 1

- Instant activation to increase skin flexibility
- Easy to operate
- Non-invasive
- 6 Month Warranty limited from manufacturer.

-Introduce the nutrition of cream with positive ion function
-Clean your skin with negative ion function
-Infrared wave help promote metabolism
-Physical vibration for massage skin
-Positive ions cleanse thoroughly the pores
-Reduce visible skin pores
-Bio-massage to improve the black eye
-Microwave import, dilute fine lines

The principle of the Galvanic induction treatment is extremely simple yet effective, the micro electricity emitted by the Galvanic roller will expedite the absorption of nutrition molecules applied to the surface of our skin and accelerate the speed of which they penetrate and combine with our skin cells. Typically, when we apply lotions, only the upper derma of our skin is fed. Any remaining excess will dry up and go to waste. The Galvanic roller will ensure that the nutrition inside the lotion will reach the lower derma of our skin and provide the imperative fruitful source for cell regeneration and growth. Therefore, this galvanic machine helps creams and solutions penetrate deep into the skin with the electrical current it provides. The unique super ion releasing technology makes nutrition of the cosmetics penetrate under stratum cells through barrier layer .The cells can fully absorb nutrition with the positive ions, negative ions and infrared interplaying separately. It can accelerate blood circulation, speed up metabolism to recover the activity of the cells, and reduce and prevent the wrinkles .The skin will restore its flexibility, luster and activity.

What's more?
Positive ions thoroughly cleanse the pores.
Blockage of pores is the main cause of dilatation and roughage of the pores and darkening of skin and prevents assimilation of nutrients into dermal cells. Cleansing is the first and the most important step in skin care. Most cleansing products can only remove dust on skin surface and are powerless to clean the dirt and grease deep down in the pores. The highly energized positive ions emitted from the product can soften the dirt deep down in the pores and make the pores free of blockage.

Negative ions cause deep down infusion of nutrients
Assimilation function of fatigued skin and aging cells is remarkably reduced, causing the essential components of skin care products pile up on skin surface and unable actually nourish the dermis cells. Skin is devoid of luster when the cells are undernourished. The negative ions can induce nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin, and facilitate the cells, assimilation of water and nutrients, causing the whitening factors and nutrients to enter the skin, and retain the nutrients, making the skin lustrous, lighter in colour and invigorated.



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