Denco - Heavy Duty Foot Smoother

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For Thick, Tough Calluses

True Innovation in Personal Grooming

  • Extra Long, Curved Design to Easily Reach All Areas of the Feet
  • Wide, Cushioned Handle for Maximum Grip & Comfort

Unique features allow you to smooth and soften callused feet:

  • Double-sided abrasive (course on top, medium on bottom) for multi-purpose foot care.
  • Coarse grit quickly reduces thick calluses
  • Medium grit smoothes skin and maintains softness
  • Etched abrasive surface will not wear or flake off
  • Holes in the smoother allow water to rinse through, keeping the tool clean.
  • Can be sterilized with any plastics-safe sanitizing system (also dishwasher safe).

Dimension size:
Total Lenght: 10.60 inches (lenght) x 2.55 inches (width)
Rasp Part: 4.75 inches (lenght) x 1.50 inches (width)
Handle: 5 inches (lenght) x 1.10 inches (width)

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