CUCCIO Natural Spa Techniques & Treatments DVD *

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CUCCIO Natural Spa Techniques & Treatments DVD *

For Hands, Feet & Body
Cuccio Naturalé has released an educational DVD to help spa technicians keep up with the latest techniques and services.
The DVD explains the three levels of services: Express, which is a basic manicure and pedicure; Spa, which in addition to the manicure and pedicure, consists of a callus remover treatment, hydrating treatment, and cuticle treatment; and Paradiso, which includes an exfoliation, callus treatment, grapeseed oil treatment, a deep dermal wrap, and an extended massage using body butter. By breaking up services into the three levels, spas can meet the needs of a variety of clients. In addition, the DVD shows detailed step-by-steps of the latest treatments and add-on services and a feature on retailing and creating signature service manicures and pedicures.