The stones are sanitizes and heated in an electrical heating unit that either provides a temperature reading or has an adjustable thermostat control. (heats them in 120 and 150 degree water). They are often basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well.   It is a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage. The heat helps tight muscles release.
    The massage therapist always holds the stones first before touching them to your body, which ensures that the temperature will not be too hot. Everyone, however, has their own comfort range. Be sure to ask customer: Are the stones too hot for you? The therapist uses traditional strokes of Swedish massage while holding a heated stone. As the stone cools, the therapist replaces it with another.
     Cool marble stones are occasionally used during a treatment, particularly if there is inflammation.
     The massage therapist often begins by applying oil to the body, which allows the hot stones to glide smoothly along the muscles. Customer are lying face down, and the massage therapist often then uses the hot stones to massage the back. The therapist might also leave heated stones in specific points along your spine, or in the palms of your hand, or even between your toes to improve the flow of energy in your body.

     After the hot stones have relaxed the muscles, the massage therapist may put down the stones and use his or her hands to directly massage the skin.
     The hot stones may then be placed back on to the body and left for a short period of time.
     The massage therapist may place small hot stones between your toes or in the palm of your hand and repeats the sequence.
     A typical hot stone massage is between 60 and 90 minutes long and ranges between $50 and $190.

What You Need To Know About Hot Stone Massage:
- The therapist uses many stones of various shapes and sizes.
- The heat of the stones helps muscles release more quickly than in traditional massage.
- Hot stone massage was invented in 1993 by Mary Hannigan, a native of Tucson, Arizona. She has trademarked her particular style and calls it LaStone Therapy, but most spas offer their own versions.

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