USAGE: for Sand Shark & Snow Monkey.
The Sand Shark is used dry on the nails. The Killer Whale Pro Shiner is used on acrylic or natural nails with dry EzFlow Miracle Shine on the grey side. If choosing the Snow Monkey to buff the nails, use with the EzFlow Miracle Shine wet. The sparkling high shine created by the EzFlow Pro Buffers will last on the nails for 2 weeks.
USAGE: for White Tiger, Grey Wolf, & Grey Fox.
Before using these files you should dull the outer edges to protect your client from the sharp edges. use the White Tiger for filing the sidewalls and shaping the free edge of the nail. The Grey Wolf is used for overall structure shaping of the nail and beveling. The Grey Fox is used to eliminate file demarcations, for overall structure shaping and beveling. File graduation is very important in order to achieve the highest shine possible.